After completing the registration, the registration fee will not be refunded if the athletes do not participate in the “Mekongdeltamarathon 2022” event for any reason.

Athletes can refer to the details “Here”, click on the “Change information” section.

The fee for changing the distance, the form of competition and / or transfer to others is 200,000 VND to the end of the day (updating).


Athletes will receive a racetrack of the racetrack from BTC, which besides the athletes can prepare gels itself, the functional food supports salting, v.v …

The prize structure is divided by age group, gender, country, specializing / nonprofit, group / individual, the number of tournaments according to each item. Free visitors access the path …

Athletes Please visit: Updating as well as Like Fan Page Updating to track the latest information.

The time is expected

○ distance 21km:

+ 17g00: Starting

+ 20g30: Cut-off Time at the finish line

○ distance 10km:

+ 17g30: Starting

+ 20g10: Cut-off time at the finish line

○ distance 5km:

+ 17:45: Starting

+ 19g55: Cut-off Time at the finish line

Athletes will receive their bib numbers when receiving updating updating updating (time) racetrack (time) (time frame) Please monitor fanpage or website to be updated).

The athletes can ask others to receive Racekit to help themselves according to the following instructions:

Step 1: Log in to 123Go
Step 2: Click on the menu select “Authorize RaceKit”
Step 3: Fill in the authorization information

Athletes / authorized people receive a race to go to updating (time)

In Expo – Lam Vien Square

A team to produce ID / CCCD / passport in accordance with registration information when coming to the EXPO area of ​​the event
Provide emails containing QR code to receive bib.

Athletes / authorized people still receive RaceKit if you bring ID / CCCD to RaceKit counters and enter the registered ID / CCCD number to carry out procedures.

Athletes can go to the event desk at the event to support updating the information


The BTC has a lost counter in the Race Kit area. Loss items will be retained in the Nexus Ideation office for the loss of receiving within 5 days after the event.

Please contact via email vietnamportevent@gmail.com with the title “Lost & Found.

Yes, BTC has arranged service storage services for athletes in the Expo area. Please note that the number of recognition is limited and the BTC only receives small-sized bags and does not recognize high-value items such as phones, computers, cash, …

If the athletes feel unwell or have fever, cough, or other flu-like or unaffected symptoms to run, we suggest stopping running and finding medical advice from the doctor. It is the best option to ensure the health and safety for athletes.

BTC has supported the arrangement of medical stations across the run along, and athletes can also stop at water forwarding stations or volunteers along the way to be supported or to be informed with the nearest medical station . Besides, the BTC also mobilized mobile physicians along the way to support the best means.

Interested athletes can contact:

Fanpage: Mekong Delta Marathon

Hotline: 0934 545 303


With complaints must be done in place by emailing vietnamportevent@gmail.com titled “Result Dispute …”

Or contact BTC at the information counter in the Expo area for assistance.

After running, the BTC will provide a lookup link according to the Bib number and the name of the person running on the website, fanpage of the tournament.